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Plumbing FAQ

Q: What to do if I have a leak?

Turn off the nearest shutoff valve (stop cock) and call a plumber. It pays off to find the shutoff valve when you move into a property because we've found that too many people don't know the location of their shutoff valve despite having lived at a property for years.

Q: Do you offer boiler replacement?

Not at the moment. We are more of a general plumber. If you require boiler replacement, check Worcester Bosch recommended installers. According to their current list, there are 4 national installers: Hassle Free, British Gas, Glow Green and Help Link. There are similar lists of installers maintained by Vaillant and other boiler manufacturers.

Q: How do I prevent frozen pipes?

Insulate your loft and basement. If there are exposed pipes in an area where the temperature is likely to drop below zero, insulate the pipes. Also, if you go away from your property, make sure you keep the heating on at a low setting.

Q: How to prevent a leak?

If you are interested in smart home solutions, you can get water alarms and install them in your bathroom, kitchen and places where there is a lot of pipework. That way you will get alerted the moment the leak begins.

Q: What should I do with a burst pipe?

Turn off the shutoff valve and drain the water immediately by opening all your cold water taps. Turn off electrics because there's a risk of short circuit. Then call the plumber.

Q: Why is it important to use approved fittings?

Buying cheap fixtures and fittings on eBay and other sources is dangerous because unapproved rubber parts can grow bacteria contaminating you water system. Other unapproved and uncertified materials can contaminate drinking water and give it bad taste.




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